Homo Monstrous are in the same glorious tradition running from the Velvet Underground to P4K 2013 hype act Savages: gently misanthropic art kids who've taken their wounds and scars and turned them into something raw and real and dark and immediately catchy. On their debut EP, 'Nothing Without My Scars,' they screw Bush Tetras-esque skronk onto the head of a scrappy Cramps-shaped sledgehammer handle and knock down all kinds of walls.

firestarter is an apt name for Jaye Kovach's bubblegum-industrial avant-pop project. Her blistering guitar and synths sizzle and sputter out from around raw, thick drum machine beats - ember-like slow-burns radiating intense, glowing heat, and flared-out rave-ups that blaze furiously from a solid core of incandescent punk. It's also a fitting word for Jaye herself; her politically pyrotechnic lyrics on firestarter's first release, 2016's self-released Es-tro-jen-z, bring the album's digitally-mutated hooks into shape with sharp, agile broadsides against tyranny and brutality of all sorts, an explosion of synthetic artistic energy that clears the earth to make way for a better and more meaningfully human tomorrow.

Forced Femme is Jaye Kovach (she/her; they/them; he/him) and Paula Bogdan (she/her). As Regina's hottest dyke band, they are the perfect soundtrack for a frequently broken heart; undiluted queer rage with just a dash of romanticism featuring raw lyrics drenched in that classic, hate-fucking punk sound you know and love. 


DJ Dyke Boyfriend is the deejay project of Treaty 4/Regina-based multimedia and performance artist Jaye Kovach. She came to deejaying through making mixes for their many crushes and now he’s here to tell you how she really feels with a mix of queercore, electroclash, hyper pop, and hardcore techno/industrial/ebm jams.

DJ Dyke Boyfriend makes music that delights at the frayed edges, where neon light streams in through the seams of existence. Glitchy, propulsive, and layered, her mixes radiate a fresh aliveness for dance floors, making sonic space for joy, desire and limitless dreaming.

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